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Greenreich Family Chiropractic

What to Expect ... 

Chiropractic care is like refurbishing a beautiful building ... care is prioritized and given in the right sequence in order for the structure to be strong and to work properly.  The same thing applies to your body.  You will go through a certain order of steps in order to repair your body correctly and heal completely.

There are three basic phases of chiropractic care. Hover your mouse over the Phases below for more information on each.


Your First Visit

Please bring your completed new patient forms and insurance card with you for your first appointment.

On your first visit to Greenreich Family Chiropractic, which will take approximately 45 minutes, Dr. Greenreich will conduct a detailed consultation with you regarding your health history and present complaint.  She will also perform a physical exam that includes orthopedic and neurologic tests to determine the extent of your condition, and to rule out any other problems that may require referrals to other physicians.  If you have not had recent spine X-rays taken (within approximately three years) or you have had recent physical traumas (for example, car or work accidents), a set of spinal X-rays will also be taken on this first visit. 

If you are a regular chiropractic patient and are simply changing physicians or stopping in while on vacation, these X-rays will not be necessary.  When Dr. Greenreich treats children, she will not take X-rays unless a severe trauma has recently taken place or she suspects a serious spinal condition for which X-ray films will be diagnostic; for example, scoliosis. 

Your Second Visit

On your second visit, also approximately 45-minutes in length, Dr. Greenreich will provide what is called a Report of Findings.  This simply means that she will go over the results of your physical exam and X-rays films, review and explain your insurance benefits with you, and outline your treatment plan.

After your Report of Findings, you will be escorted to an adjustment room and given your first chiropractic adjustment.  Then you will enjoy 15 relaxing minutes in one of our massage chairs. 

Subsequent Visits

The length of subsequent visits vary from 5-20 minutes, and the duration of your care will depend on your individual treatment plan.

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