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Thanks from Our Wonderful Patients

“Bar none, the best out there”

What can I say other than Dr. Stephanie LITERALLY saved my life!  I came to Dr. Steph on recommendation from a co-worker in 2005.  Having suffered chiropractic malpractice from poorly trained chiropractors in my childhood, several accidents and injuries and poor posture, I was A WRECK! Suffering from weekly migraines due to muscle stress, severe vertebral subluxation and cranial plate subluxation (my neck, and skull were a mess), I was often an invalid.  Home, in the dark, sleeping off a headache is no way to live life, folks, let me tell you!

After seeing Dr. Steph for about 6-8 months, I saw drastic improvement in my overall wellness and headache situation.  I was down to one headache a month or so.  Then I suffered a major accident, which Dr. Steph noticed immediately and was able to help avert a crisis by getting me good medical care.  Recovery from that accident was long and strenuous (on my part) but Dr. Steph was always there, patient, comforting, taking utmost care of me and my family.

My husband and I have asked her to look after the spines of both of our boys, from the time they were newborns, and she is the perfect “mama” personality to be tender yet tough enough to get them through the sometimes scary ordeal of being adjusted.  And we trust her completely with them.

Honestly, now with only one headache every 3-6 months, I can’t even remember the poor quality of life that I used to have.  Dr. Steph will always have a special place in my heart and her chiropractic care is bar none, the best out there. 

-     Joanna Harding and Harding family, patient since 2005

Dr. Stephanie,
Thank you so much for all you have done for me these past weeks. My headaches are gone! I just wanted to let you know how much it has meant to me.


Dear Dr. Stephanie!

Thanks for being so thoughtful – for remembering us – for healing us!

It sure was a miracle with me – you really knew what to do when I was hurting bad for too long – in hops, that it will go away somehow. But it didn’t until you took it over! And the pain got lesser. You are a great little Doctor!

And I am doing fine, going to gym – to step and fast aerobics class etc.

Now am busy getting ready things for Christmas, baking, mailing gifts to our precious grandchildren.

Wishing you Merry Christmas and the best of year 2003!

Olga and Robert

Dr. Stephanie,
What can I say, but a BIG Thank You. I was not sure about the chiropractic working and it did. My 10wk old son is now Colic free and only cries when hungry, tired, or needing a diaper change. What a miracle! I tell everyone I know and I appreciate it so much. Thank you! 

Jessica, Mother of Reilly & Liam

Have yourself a merry little Christmas & a Cheery 2003! Happy New Year! 

Thanks for getting us back into shape :)  You have been a great doc to have!

Love & hugs,
Sara & Andy

Dr. Steph-
Thank you sooo much for taking care of Johnnie today! I'm so happy he knew to come in here today and I'm so glad he got a little Canadian love. :)


Dear Dr. Pollock
I've been very pleased with your expertise and the quality of your chiropractic care. I have been extremely frustrated in my efforts to find a good chirpractor in this area. As the enclosed letter indicates, I intend to look no farther.

The enclosure is a copy of a letter than I sent to my family doctor who told me to give Palmer Chiropractic Clinic a try.  I'm really glad I landed with you. I also took the liberty of sending Dr. Bowles a few of your business cards.

Thanks for everything.


Dear Dr. Bowles,
You might recall the frustration I've expressed at my inability to find a high quality chiropractor. I tried your suggestion to visit Palmer Chiropractic and have been seeing Dr. Stephanie Pollock.

You may be interested to know that based on my experience in many other situations, Dr. Pollock is an excellent chiropractor and I believe you should be able to comfortably recommend her to any of your patients.

She is highly intelligent, well trained and competent. I've told you in the past that you are the best family doctor that I have ever encountered. Well, as luck would finally come my way, Stephanie Pollock is the finest chiropractor I have ever encountered.  My quest for a good chiropractor has ended.

I felt strongly enough about it, to send you this letter, and as I said, I though the information may be of value to you. For the purpose of convenience, I thought it might help I replenished your supply of her business cards to offer your patients.


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